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Project 2

Project #2 was a game I was writing after I finished the principal design of The Stanley Parable. Unfortunately, after working on it for nearly 6 months, I decided it simply wasn’t budding into something I was really really proud of. That’s not to say it wasn’t great, but it wasn’t what I wanted it to be.

I still believe it’s a wonderful idea and I hope to see it made some day, but I can’t in good conscious put something before you that I feel only 75% awesome about. So this one will go on the backburner and perhaps one day the game this deserves to be will reveal itself to me. See this blog post for more info on why I cancelled the game.

This is simply making room for other projects, I look forward to updating you!

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  2. DanEngels 3 years ago

    I just finished Stanley. Or, I think I did. I just kept running in circles all the time. Pushing buttons all the time. I liked it. I started to feel for Stanley. I started to become Stanley. I started to love pushing buttons. All the time. Every day. For two years now. …Until, somebody told me to get help. I asked, Why? With pushing buttons? But they meant something else. Then they came for me, man in white. They locked me up. They gave me injections. They said, you have to forget Stanley. He is not real. They were punishing me. They wanted to take me away from Stanley. After three months, of being strapped to my bed, having nightmares, about,…Stanley. But that is over now. They say I’m cured. ……Am I?