Holy....fuck. That feels...
I need you to be happy. I need you to feel as good as I feel right now.
Touch my stomach. Lick my stomach.
Tear its flesh out with your teeth\n\n-part of You Are Great?\n-or, part of the jumble of actions you can take
Let me tell everyone how good you are, let them need you the way I need you.
You are so good at this! How many people have you been with?\n\n[Tie to You Are Great]
Holy shit, that feels amazing. Bite it, bite my ear.\n\n\nFuck me, that feels unbelievable. How are you...?
I want to make you feel [[Take off its pants|PantsOff]] good.
My god I [[Lick its ear|LickEar]] want you. I want your teeth on my [[Finger its mouth|FingerMouth]] skin.
[[In|Fuck1]] YES. [[Out|Fuck1]]
mmm. Why, [[Lick its neck|Kiss]] hello.
Do you want me to be [[I feel good|Fuck8]] here right now?
Oh shit, [[Harder|BlowHard]] that [[Softer|BlowSoft]] feels...unreal...do it harder.
Everything [[Scratch its arms|Jumble1]] you [[Grab its nipples|Jumble1]] do makes me\n[[Lick its feet|Jumble1]] happy. I [[Bite its breasts|Jumble1]] need\nyou, I can't [[Grab its stomach|Jumble1]] feel happy without [[Lick its neck|Jumble1]] you\ndoing this.
I need you. I need you so badly, without you I am nothing, I am useless, I am scum. I think of you when you are not here, the thought of you touching someone else makes my skin boil. I want you, I want you more than anyone else.\n
Be [[I don't feel good|Fuck9]] honest.
Be rough with me.\n\n[[Throw it to the ground|Throw]]
My god I [[Finger its mouth|FingerMouth]] want you. I want your nails on my [[Lick its ear|LickEar]] skin.
Put your hands [[Choke it|Choke]] around my [[Lick its breast|LickBreast]] neck. Choke me.
Fuck [[Softer|BlowSoft]] yes. Harder. Bite [[Harder|BlowHard]] me harder.
Good [[Tear its shirt off|TearShirt]] god yes...oh my [[Tear its shirt off|TearShirt]] god, How are [[Tear its shirt off|TearShirt]] you doing this?
Oh, [[Breathe on its neck|LickNeck]] fuck me...
Fuck [[Tear its shirt off|TearShirt]] yes. I'm [[Tear its shirt off|TearShirt]] your toy. I'm your wet [[Tear its shirt off|TearShirt]] slave.
Pleasurable You
[[In|Fuck2]] Harder. [[Out|Fuck2]]
by Davey Wreden
Isn't this rapture? Isn't this sheer bliss [[I feel good|Fuck4]]?
More. Give me [[Rub its ear|RubEar]] more.
You are normal.
I want you to feel [[Take off its underwear|UnderwearOff]] as unbelievable as I feel right now. I need you to.
I am [[Push it to the ground|Jumble2]] only [[Suck its fingers|Jumble2]] happy [[Spit on it|Jumble2]]\n[[Pull its hair|Jumble2]] because [[Slap its face|Jumble2]] you like me. You [[Tear its flesh out|Jumble2]] make\nme worthy. [[Bite its tits|Jumble2]] I am [[Scratch its back|Jumble2]] worthy.\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n
[[Bite its neck|BiteNeck]] Unbelievable. That [[Scratch its neck|ScratchNeck]] feels unreal.
Do [[Softer|ChokeSofter]] it [[Harder|ChokeHarder]] again. Harder.
I [[Tear its shirt off|TearShirt]] can take it, you [[Tear its shirt off|TearShirt]] know what you're doing. I [[Tear its shirt off|TearShirt]] trust you.
I can [[I feel good|Fuck10]] leave.
...[[I don't feel good|Fuck7]]....
I want you to melt in [[Take off its underwear|RemoveUnderwear]] bliss. I want you to feel as unbelievable as I feel right now.\n\nI want you to burst from rapture.
Don't [[I don't feel good|Fuck5]] you feel loved?
Don't you [[I feel good|Fuck6]] feel worthy?
Don't [[I feel good|Fuck3]] you feel good?
Don't you feel [[I don't feel good|Fuck3b]] unbelivable?
Oh [[In|Fuck1b]] my [[Out|Fuck1b]] god, yes.
Oh you dirty beast. You [[Softer|ChokeSofter]] freaky [[Harder|ChokeHarder]] fuck. Harder.
Oh jesus...that [[Tear its shirt off|TearShirt]] feels even better [[Tear its shirt off|TearShirt]]. How are [[Tear its shirt off|TearShirt]] you doing this?
Bite my [[Blow on its ear|BlowEar]] ear. Do it [[Bite its ear|BiteEar]].
You Me Wet\n\nSacred You\n\nWorthy Me\n\nIt Feels Sacred\n\nPleasurable You
.........[[I don't feel good|Fuck11]]..........
.........[[I feel good|Fuck12]]..........
.........[[I don't feel good|Fuck15]]..........
I want to be the only person who makes you happy. I want you to be jealous when you see me with [[Enter it|EnterIt]] others. I want you to need me.
Ending\n\nDon't worry, it's gone now.\n\nIt's just us.\n\nFinally.\n\nYou are normal.
[[It's gone now.|Silence4]]
mmmmmmmm[[Grab its throat|GrabThroat]]mmm....slap my face. I want [[Slap its face|SlapFace]] to be punished.
I [[Suck its breasts|SuckBreasts]] want [[Suck its breasts|SuckBreasts]] you so badly [[Suck its breasts|SuckBreasts]], fuck\nme [[Suck its breasts|SuckBreasts]] I [[Suck its breasts|SuckBreasts]] want you [[Suck its breasts|SuckBreasts]].
[[We're alone.|Silence5]]
Fucking\n\nDon't you feel good right now?\n\nDon't you feel amazing?\n\nIsn't it ecstasy coursing through your veins? Heaven? Nirvana?
You are a god with your:\n\n-Hands\n-Teeth\n-Tongue\n\nYour tongue is godlike\n\nApply this to different branches depending on what choice you take
Do you know how good this feels? I want you to feel [[Take off its pants|RemovePants]] it too.