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Video monetization

October 21, 2013

I, Davey Wreden, founder of Galactic Cafe, give full permission for anyone to record, stream, and upload any videos of our games (including Stanley Parable) to anywhere on the internet, and to monetize these videos with ads. No need to ask our permission, go forth, and cultivate revenue. Sow the seeds of your own financial viability. Monetize, and all is right with the world.

Davey Wreden
Galactic Cafe
October 22, 2013

32 Responses to “Video monetization”

  1. Patacorow says:

    Very cool of you! Can’t wait for the Reddit AMA.

  2. Stijn says:

    Is this a subtle hint to “Day one: garry’s incident”‘s incident?

  3. Thanks guys! I just resubmitted my videos to youtube for copyright check with a link to this. :)

  4. ImperatorRZ says:

    Hello! I’m doing a full Let’s Play of the game and it is going to be complete (all endings, easter eggs and have branches for decisions as they come).

    Since this game is completely reliant on the story I wouldn’t feel right doing this since the story will (mostly) be presented in my series.

    I’m only a small youtuber (28 subs as of this post) so I don’t expect to lower your sales or anything but, would there be a way to maybe donate some of the revenue to Galactic Cafe? (Even though it will be a LONG time before I reach the $100 minimum)

  5. ShenGAME says:

    Hai Davey, I thank you for the effort. Here’s the points I get from the google site when I open the link: says:
    “Explicit permission to use the rights holder’s content commercially
    Limitations/conditions concerning your use of content specified by rights holder, if applicable
    URL of your video or, if you use the content in multiple videos, your channel name
    Electronic signature with date (this can be as simple as the rights holder writing out his full name at the bottom of the document).”

    Youtube is taking it quite seriously, which I think is justified seeing as they would not want any made content, be it indie or from big companies, copied or misused by any youtube users.

  6. Another guy says:

    W00T W00T W00T! Awesome Davey, Awesome! W00T W00T W00T! Kill all the beggars in Orgrimmar!

  7. Ben says:

    Wow, Davey. My respect for you just jumped about two hundred percent.

  8. Mitchell Richards says:

    My thanks for your choice! Excellent decision! Please continue to spread your mentality.

  9. Aeterna says:

    Very cool statement, which begets respect.

  10. ThePenguinFace says:

    Hey, I just downloaded TSB and I can’t start it… “thestanleyparable\GameInfo.txt is not a valid format” is the message I got… help plz?

  11. Tylor says:

    Does that include if I right it for a paper in front of my peers

  12. Maix Mamelok says:

    Does this include the sound track also you are a great person with a great game

  13. MARTHA says:

    Hola, tengo algunos problemas para iniciar mi juego, ya que SE INICIA EL JUEGO PERO DESPUES NO PUEDO SEGUIR, SE ESCUCHA LA MUSICA Y LOS MOVIMIENTOS QUE HAGO, PERO LA PANTALLA ESTA TOTALMENTE EN NEGRO, he contactado a la gente de STEAM, y me dieron la siguiente solucion, Haz clic con el botón derecho en tu Biblioteca y dirígete a Propiedades > Archivos Locales > Verificar Integridad de Caché del Juego, Después de que Steam verifique la caché del juego, intenta volver a ejecutarlo. Lo he realizado en varias ocasiones y el juego sigue igual de hecho se queda la pantalla en negro cuando el narrador esta diciendo: “NADIE HABIA VENIDO A DARLE INSTRUCCIONES, LLAMAR PARA UNA REUNION, O SIQUIERA DECIR HOLA”, ojala me puedan ayudar, gracias

  14. Chris Rees says:

    I want to buy Stanley but Steam won’t let me. Tried via Paypal and Visa but Steam won’t let me. Reason? My computer (and myself) is not in the same country as my Visa/Paypal account. Just wanted to let you know Steam is costing you money.

  15. Matt says:

    I only know about The Stanley Parable because of watching play-throughs on youtube. It was Sips actually, I enjoyed watching him play. Your game speaks volumes about how clever, insightful and deviously mischevious you must be. Far from having the story ruined for me it made me want to have a crack at it myself, knowing full well the game is an irrisistable taunt, mocking me while I play and manipulating me in a way that reveals how utterly childish I am as a supposedly adult human. Fascinating to watch and I would imagine hugely entertaining to play. So impressive that I registered with Steam to download it. Unfortunately due to the nature of my work I own a Mac so I won’t be able to buy your game right now. It’s probably quite complicated to make a game port to a different OS but if you do ever manage it please be assured you have a customer in me. Good luck with everything. I’m incredibly impressed with what I’ve seen so far. More media should let the end user know that they are pressing buttons in response to a command that tells them what button to press and for how long. And that they are powerless. And predicatable.

    • Raven says:

      Consider Boot Camp as an option until a Mac version is released. Worth having a Windows partition around for these kind of things.

  16. Jamjams says:

    So here’s the question…


  17. Jamjams says:

    And could you possibly include a rocket launcher or flame thrower?


  18. im serious says:

    Will you be my boyfriend?
    Thank you.

  19. epixpivotmaster says:

    +1 Respect
    +1 Respect
    +1 Respect
    +1 Respect
    +1 Respect
    +1 Respect
    +1 Respect

  20. Adid1998 says:

    Hi,I’ve just brought the The Stanley Parable via a recommendation from Nerd Cubed,but after nearly 5 hours of trying to get around missing executable error I’m giving up.I have done everything steam support have recommended and steam directed me to this website for help,I cant find anything about support on the site ,so I posted on a the blog,but any help will be great.

    PS sorry if it did not make any sense.

  21. nclitfest says:

    Hello Davey,

    We are trying to get in touch!

    Thank you!

    –NC Literary Festival

  22. Carol says:

    Dear Mr. Narrator,
    I’ll keep moving forward with you, together. And that nasty yellow adventure line has no place between us.
    Just you and me.
    Until we get confused and have a hard reset.

    Then I’ll have to try to get lost again. C:

  23. Bartek says:

    Stanley would appreciate this.
    Or would he?

  24. Jacob says:

    Hello, I’m a media student and was wondering if I would be able to use the first part of your soundtrack ‘Introducing Stanley’ in a short film me and some other fellow students are making. I would be very grateful if you allowed us permission to use it.

  25. Joe says:

    I have linked YouTube to this page for my series on The Stanley Parable but to this day they have given me no confirmation on some of the videos. It just says “Monitoring for possible review.” Could you help me out here?

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