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The Stanley Parable Demo and Release Date!

October 10, 2013

It's finally here!
The Stanley Parable will launch on October 17!!

(holy crap am I reading that correctly?)

So here's what it means: Today we have launched a demo for the Stanley Parable. The demo is a completely spoiler-free experience meant simply to help you understand the style and tone of the full game without giving away any of its secrets. It is free and you can play it right this minute on the game's official Steam store page. WE HOPE YOU LOVE IT! <3

It's the beginning of the end. In one week, this crazy adventure comes to a close. For now let's enjoy a nice, simple demo and reflect on what, if anything, it all means. THANKS EVERYONE FOR ALL OF YOUR LOVE AND SUPPORT YOU ARE THE BEST!!!

The final door awaits...

49 Responses to “The Stanley Parable Demo and Release Date!”

  1. Michał says:

    I dont even know what to write here. Becouse to write that I’m happy is to write nothnig. I just can’t wait to have my internal organs touched several times by this peace of art.

  2. Emily says:

    I just played the demo. Holy crap, this game seems amazing. I hope it’s everything I’ve now dreamed it can be :’) Such great work, guys!

  3. Mike says:

    I started pushing the 8 button 20 minutes ago, and have yet to stop, except to post this comment. Back to pushing 8.

  4. Psy-Q says:

    Will there be a GNU/Linux version as well?

  5. theblakhole says:

    Oh man. So can’t wait for this game. Played the demo and enjoyed it a lot. I can’t wait for this amazing game. And it coming out on the same day as my birthday. I know how I’m going to spend that afternoon.

  6. nmalinoski says:

    Is Steam going to be the only storefront that will carry the game? Any chance of selling it directly using the Humble Store?

    • ThePaSch says:

      Steam achievements are a big part of the game and are parodied often. It’d lose a couple of extremely funny lines, so I don’t think a non-Steamworks version will be released any time soon.

  7. Rogi says:

    Will the game support Oculus Rift? It seems perfect for it.

  8. Patacorow says:

    Best demo to any game I’ve ever played a demo of, ever.
    I can’t wait for the 17th, I’ve been waiting for this game for ages!

  9. Firat says:

    Are you gonna make any announcements on pricing? A pre-order function or atleast some info on how much it costs would be nice.

  10. Eight says:

    Stanley is life. 8 + 8 + 8 + 8 + 8 = 40 characters.

  11. LeviathanXavier says:

    Where is Raphael’s comment? XD I would like to read it for myself.

  12. Hello. Just passing to let you know I’ve written a (hopefully) philosophical review of your excellent game (/space) on my blog. Am looking forward to your next project – and as an amateur postmodern internet philosopher, would like to freely offer you any help should you need it. Say “Hi” to Stan for me. Sincerely, Robert H. Dylan

  13. Rekkenh says:

    Thanks for this great game, Galactic Cafe, but I have one question. Could you please add subtitles like in the first Stanley Parable? Thank you.

  14. patrick says:

    I am very dissapointed that the game is not for mac or linux after the stanely parable massive lead up i figure out its non compatible I WISH IF POSSIBLE TO BE NOTIFIED IF OR WHEN IT WILL BE FOR MAC THANK you

  15. Sieg says:

    Guys take a look of this
    After a few seconds its like hearing Stanley’s voice xD

  16. Mr. Man says:

    So, I watch the Raphael Trailer of The Stanley Parable and you say you can do anything. LITERALLY ANYTHING. So, suggesting, kicking a squid in the face while driving a mech suit in a solar eclipse on a leap year when the squid is in a plane with a mini gun trying to shoot you, with even more squids in planes bombing you while flying over a land made of lawnchairs with talking cows are sitting on them. That’s probably a long suggestion, but its all I can do. I was actually nervous to write this to see how’d you would respond to this. I would also like to say, this is an amazing game. Played the demo and I was wondering to myself, “Hm… I wonder what the full version would be like.” Sincerely,
    Mr. Man
    P.S. I would like to know, if Stanley, the one we (almost) all know and love, if we could hear him speak.
    once again, Sincerely,
    Mr. Man

  17. Falafel says:

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  18. Falafel says:

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  19. Falafel says:

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  20. Falafel says:

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  21. Falafel says:

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  22. Falafel says:

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  23. Falafel says:

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  24. Falafel says:

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  25. Falafel says:

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  26. Falafel says:

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  27. Paul says:

    I broke it! I’m playing the steam release and of course I love it. I was on the platform in the mind control room – the one with the camera button, but also with three tables and chairs on one edge. You can walk onto the chair, onto the table and over the edge into the blackness under the mind control screens. Red lights blink all around you, but you’re stuck down there. For a second I thought I was going to get a really snarky death.

    Anyway – love the game!


  28. wolfleben says:

    I came I saw I played. This game is a perfect example of what gaming can be. Love this game.

  29. Zed says:

    No option to invert vertical look with a controller. Please sort it out

  30. gith says:

    Just played the demo through once – bought the game immediately afterwards.

    Hoping to see the “9″ game. (I hear it’s highly choice)

  31. A Gentleman says:

    The only bad thing about The Stanley Parable is the potential secrets that lay hidden long after your done playing. The thought that I missed some of the rich goodness that is this game sometimes keeps me up a bit at night. Anyone else?

  32. Flunkerdunk says:

    Wow, this game is by far the most unique experience I have witnessed in gaming in YEARS. The narrator is very entertaining and intelligent in guiding you through the game, even if you don’t follow his instructions. The developers of this game are very creative and gifted, no doubt. The narrator is a perfect example of a diplomat, he can manage to insult you, yet you still crave to listen to his every word! The humor in this game is extremely superb and brilliant. This title is very entertaining to watch, let alone play! Love it!

  33. No says:

    Can’t you devs release any games without this steam business any more? Seriously, the las three times i tried to load (after having paid for) any new games via that cr@p, not only would they not run, but i had to go hunting through my registry on the last occasion to ensure that i’d gotten every last spec of valve’s junk out. it’s just a real shame that so many – not everyone, but a lot of you – seem to think it’s a beneficial and streamlined solution to delivering game content.

    • Markus says:

      “not only would they not run” is ambiguous. What is your error? did you look for help? did you find any resolution aside from “i give up”?

      It sounds to me like you are someone who is just against steam as a sales platform. That’s fine and entirely valid–you can think however you want. It’s just a real shame that you would come here and complain about a topic that probably has very little to do with the actual developer, and probably more-so to do with your machines setup / hardware specifications

  34. Markus says:

    I feel like thanking developers for making a game seems kind of silly. You clearly wanted it made, since there was so much time and effort and care put into it. I am just so happy you put forth that effort.

    I have no idea how I never heard of the orignal HL2 mod. I wish I could have supported a project like this from the beginning. But it’s so good to be with you at the end.

    Thanks for choosing the path you did. Developing a game to this level of finality is nothing less than daunting. It was incredibly refreshing to play through the Stanley Parable. It has been one of the most gripping stories (about nothing and about everything) ever told through a game that I have experienced.

  35. barsinibank says:

    How can one play the game against its creator? …with live audio conncetion to the narator? I want to deconstruct your smarthats.

  36. Lee says:

    Ok I saw the Worldwide Leaderboards in the game and I figured out that you are the guys who did F.A.T in Minecraft! That was the series made my life complete!

  37. Lance Booth says:

    Could somebody leave a link to the original hl2 mod? ever since I played the game, I’ve wanted to play the original as well, but I just can’t find it!

  38. Tibi says:

    i play Demo,amazing ! But i don’ speak english. I need Hungarian subtitle . AND Lot of Hunagarian people buy it ! :)

  39. Moni says:

    I would like to know where I can buy this game in german language. It is very difficult to play this game in a foreign language in cause of playing on words, indications and so on – this is hard to translate and makes me leave the game.

  40. Moni says:

    Okay, there are subtitles… but this is not the same… and still I do not understand the target or non-target of this game. It is boring. Go through the rooms and at last out of the house in a kind of park or something and – end. Maybe I am too dopey…

  41. Elliot says:

    Played the Stanley Parable, loved it. I wonder though, about what could come next, especially with some of the more awesome endings. I found myself wishing that they were expanded a bit more, into a deeper story of how Stanley and the Narrator interact with, mess with, and defy (or not) each other. Now that the general idea is established and points have been made, it could definitely go there in a sequel. Please? :D

  42. Paul says:

    Please, add the demo to the full game!!
    I played the demo and I loved it, but it is not playable in Steam again after you bought the full game. I think a solution would be to add the demo to the full game. It could be an option under Extras to start the demo.
    Thanks a lot!

  43. Anne says:

    I’m relieved to know that some people have created a game with a philosophical and smart driven approach. This game is so addictive and I wish to win the fight against its creator !
    Thanks a lot.

  44. Simon says:

    Thank you for the awesome game Galactic Cafe! It is truly one of a kind!

  45. Dr. Warthan says:

    I love the game. I love the demo. I wish there was more.

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