Art is the material thing that happens when someone manages to release the pole around which, to a selfish person, the entire universe seems to rotate. You feel your own sense of importance slip away as your grip on that pole loosens. That loss-of-self is right at the heart of any kind of performance. This is why people who are really good at it frequently come across as simple-minded or pretentious when asked to explain how they do it. They don’t know, because they weren’t there. Now, fear is the art of selfish times. Fear is what is produced by people gripping ever more tightly to the pole at the center of themselves. Fear of losing what they take as evidence that they are, indeed, themselves, and so the center of everything. It’s usually money, but any source of prestige that can be quantified will do. Racial purity (full-blood, half-blood, quadroon, etc.) is another example.

galactic cafe


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  1. O.e.e. 1 year ago Reply

    I want to play that. Gimme a download link! Where is it?

    • davey 1 year ago Reply

      well this is actually a mod of Stanley Parable, which I can’t exactly go giving out just yet…. >.>

  2. Tom 1 year ago Reply

    That was crazy and amazing and I loved every moment.

  3. Andrew 1 year ago Reply

    The real lie is that this isn’t a video game. It’s an EXPERIENCE.

  4. Invective 1 year ago Reply

    I would go so far as to say that this game met all of Raphael’s conditions for a perfect game. Coming from someone who looks up to Raphael as much as I do, this is a real compliment. Not only did the game feature literally every emotion, but the profound quantities of emotion and logic were even enough for a male.

  5. rastus 1 year ago Reply

    you dun gofed when he said no one is jumping he was telling the truth until you jumped then he was lieing

  6. jrburger95 7 months ago Reply

    Will this beautiful piece of art ever be available to the public. If not I will cry

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