Where can you see lions? Only in Kenya. Come to Kenya we've got lions. Where can you see tigers? Only in Kenya. Got lions and tigers only in Kenya. Forget Norway. Kenyaaaaa. Oh Kenyaaaa. Where the giraffes are. And the zebra. Kenya Kenya Kenya Kenyaaaaa. Kenya we're going to Kenya. Kenya believe it.

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New Stanley Parable Website!

We’ve just launched stanleyparable.com! This is where from now on all Stanley Parable related news will go, including the Helpful Development Showcases. Galactic Cafe will be for my personal blog and for any information about other projects.

That is….the end of the information I have for this announcement! Please: go about your day!

June 14, 2013 by davey 2 comments

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  1. Connagh Muldoon 2 years ago Reply

    AWWW, SWEET! A new website that looks exactly the same as this website only it says THE STANLEY PARABLE at the top! Now I need never be confused again!

  2. Jonah McIntosh 1 year ago Reply

    If you follow this comment to the right, into the starry expanse, the string takes on an almost… transcendent quality.

    Simply beautiful, if only they knew what they were creating.

    They should have sent a poet.

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