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Content Complete pt. 1

To figure out how much development is left on Stanley Parable, we recently broke the entire game down into five major chunks and began the process of content locking each of those chunks. The idea is to get each one exactly to where we would be happy releasing it, then coming back later for polish if the need be.

Last week we locked down the first of five!

The scope of this game is pretty massive, and most of the heavy lifting is being done by one person. It’s taken nearly two years, which is WAY more than I ever imagined I would spend on this thing, but I can finally see the end in sight. We’re getting close. Keep in mind we still have quite a bit of work to do, and I can’t say exactly when we’re planning to be finished, but for the first time in development I actually feel like we’re going to release a game. I’m super proud of what we’ve been doing and I can’t wait to show it all to you soon!

</gushing about how awesome you all are for supporting us through this entire development process>

And just to wrap up, here’s a little photo of what the office where Stanley works currently looks like:

May 30, 2013 by davey 27 comments

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  1. Nuno 2 years ago Reply

    Is there going to be some kind of special edition? Or even a retail version, if the game gets enough money or something like that

    • Kabuto 2 years ago Reply

      Since it’s going through Steam Greenlight, I doubt a retail edition is likely.

  2. Cristan 2 years ago Reply

    So basically you’re saying you completed 20% of the game in 2 years which means you’re 8 years from completion. How wonderful! If I make a baby right now, and devote its life to understanding English and playing videogames, I could play the Stanley Parable with my newborn offspring at the release date! I’ll get right to it!

    • davey 2 years ago Reply

      I should clarify: The other chunks are each somewhere between 70-90% finished, so we actually are in the homestretch!

      • Kieran 2 years ago Reply

        I did a small bit of math from what you’ve just said. Assuming that the other four sections of this game are at 80% and it has taken about 2 years to develop.

        (730 days passed * (100% goal / 84% current)) – 730 days passed = About 140 days till it is complete (about 4 and a half months)

        But try to release before new consoles’ games’ advertising comes out because it will be difficult to get peoples attention and be heard unless you’re also releasing on the PS4 as well as the PC like other indies.

  3. William (the great) 2 years ago Reply

    20% of the content is ‘LOCKED’. This doesn’t mean we’ve only got 20% of the game ‘done’.

    • SergeiPMedv 2 years ago Reply

      Wait wait.. locked? What does it mean? How much should I wait. Just give me a little expanation

      • davey 2 years ago Reply

        See my above comment! Locked only means it’s ready for release

  4. Kabuto 2 years ago Reply

    The office is looking really good. Those lights are an amazing detail.

  5. T 2 years ago Reply

    oi william. im waiting!!!

    good news on the game btw,

  6. Chris 2 years ago Reply

    Whoo! Finally! I mean, I love the Helpful Dev. Showcases, but man, it is really, really refreshing to finally get actual news on the game.

  7. Amit 2 years ago Reply

    If you look with a microscope on the base of the plant, you can see the tiny plane.

  8. derp 2 years ago Reply

    Needs a motivational poster hanging on the wall. Something about teambuilding or other bullshit

    • Sam 2 years ago Reply

      That’s a bloody good idea. I hope they add it.

      • Lomsor 2 years ago Reply

        I guess the office is in the “Locked” part of the game …

        Still. Making a suggestion now is kinda feature creep.

  9. boyz 2 years ago Reply

    oh fucking nigger i am soooooooooooooooooooooooo gay jk im a boy that likes gurlz

  10. Andrew 2 years ago Reply

    One of the doors says 420. Clearly, this is a hint that the whole game is a dream, and really all that happened is that Stanley gets high one day at the office. There may be multiple paths you can take but they all end the same way: Stanley’s boss wakes him up, and fires him. Also, this explains the near psychedelic secret screenshots from the HDS post a couple weeks ago. It’s because at that point in the game Stanley is tripping balls…

    • Gab 2 years ago Reply

      There’s also a plant next to the door that says 420. Coincidence? I think not.

  11. Kieran 2 years ago Reply

    There needs to be a creepy “The Shining” reference.

  12. Ace1h 2 years ago Reply

    Oh boy, I can’t wait to throw my steammoney at you…when it is done..because I really want to play it

  13. Mchoughany 2 years ago Reply

    I’m assuming we win by entering the door labeled “420″

    • Invective 2 years ago Reply

      Drugs is Stanlee Parable…………………………………

  14. davey 2 years ago Reply

    I am not davey. I am just using his username. After all, that´s what´s usernames are for? Right? To use them! To use the usernames! Right now, I am using a used username, but because the user of the username is currently not using the username, I feel that I am free to use this used username to use it for my own needs.

    • William(the great) 2 years ago Reply

      Similarily, I am not William. No, honsetly!

      • Barrack Obama 2 years ago Reply

        Now that is the true definition art… the use of used usernames.

  15. Not William 2 years ago Reply

    On the other hand, I am William. Seriously.

  16. SeekerPsycho 2 years ago Reply

    Glad to hear the stage has been reached where things are being finalized. I look forward to this greatly.

    You two keep it up! And should you decide to continue updating, I look forward to you mocking half of the numpties that comment here.

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